• Sony Pictures Studios – Soundstages


    April 2012 – there are currently?20 soundstages?left on the Sony lot.
    In MGM’s heyday there were?28 soundstages.

    Stage 3?(built in 1929)

    Stage 4 (built in 1929) – Now the Burt Lancaster and the Anthony Quinn dubbing theaters.
    Stage 5 (built in 1929) – Now the Kim Novak and the William Holden dubbing theaters.

    Stage 6 (built in 1929)

    During an incredible three month period, August through October of 1929, Stages 3, 4, 5 and 6 were built incorporating the latest technology in sound engineering, said to be the closest to achieving absolute sound proofing by the industry at that time. Four hundred tons of steel and more than 1200 cubic yards of concrete were used in the construction of each stage.

    Stage 7

    Stage 8?

    Stage 9
    Used for music concert rehearsals for Bette Midler, Cher, Tina Turner, Lady Gaga, Green Day and many others
    Contains a wraparound cyclorama used frequently for photo shoots by Annie Liebowitz and others.

    Stage 10
    Currently used for?Jeopardy!

    Stage 11
    Currently used for Wheel of Fortune

    Stage 12
    Mr Sunshine (Matthew Perry)
    Used for music rehearsals for Seal and Mariah Carey
    Men in Black

    Stage 14
    The Wizard of Oz [Tornado scene]
    Funny People
    Advert: Dr Pepper – Iron Man 2 promotion

    Stage 15

    Stages 16,17,18,19, 20 demolished?

    Stage 21
    State of Play
    Breaking In (Fox) – the security company offices and warehouse.

    Stage 22
    This is the old mill where sets were constructed

    Stage 23
    This stage contained a house interior set that’s been used on a number of Screen Gems projects, and movies.
    ‘Obsessed’ (Beyonce Knowles)
    ‘Death at a Funeral’
    ‘Roosevelt Hotel’
    ‘Burlesque’ (a large burlesque theater was constructed in this stage which has been used on a couple of other projects)
    Jerry Maguire

    Stage 24

    Stage 25

    Stage 26

    Stage 27

    Stage 28
    Rules of Engagement
    Team Spitz (TV pilot)

    Stage 29

    Stage 30